Benefits of Going Green with Your Transportation

· What is going green?

Going green can only be termed as a proper way of leaving free from the pollution which is at its peak in this current world. The world collectively should help in the fight against pollution and embrace the green world that is pollution free.

Going Green with Your Transportation

· How is transport affecting pollution?

Transport, both public and private has been identified as major contributor of pollution in this world. This is through emission of the toxic carbon dioxide.

· Health hazard of pollution

There are various diseases that have been directly linked with effects of pollution hence there is need to go green to avoid all this.

· Advantages of going green with transportation

When our transport system will finally decide to go green then many advantages will come along with such a move. These advantages include and are not limited to healthy living in the society, organization in transport industry, reduced cost on public awareness on importance of going green among others.

· Benefits to transport stakeholders

Transport stakeholders will greatly benefit from this plan to go green both directly and indirectly. One way to see their benefit will be by a way of reductions in risks involved by pollution, this is through prevention of diseases related to carbon dioxide and other pollutants.

· How to adopt the project of going green in transportation

This initiative may seem to be a little bit difficult to implement it but there is always a solution to every problem. The best way to reduce pollution in transportation is by a way of deducing a method in which the emitted carbon dioxide can be trapped from the vehicles instead of being let in the environment. The container that will be containing the carbon dioxide should be changed on a specified period probably on daily basis depending on usage. This should be done in a gas station where proper disposal procedures are and should be adapted.

· Why target transportation?

Dvla contact should first target the transport industry because it is the reflection of the society given the fact that everybody in one way or the other must be in contact with transportation and that can be the best way of sensitizing the drive to go green in the society. Make sure that you get driving licences, before you hit the road.

· Cost implications

The cost implications that are accompanied with the drive to sensitize the transportation industry to go green are to me way cheaper compared to other ways of reaching the society. This is because the transportation industry is organized and hence easy to reach.

· Related benefits

There are many related benefits that comes with going green in transportation which include the good image that the initiative will send to the society given the fact that transportation is clear reflection of the society and when it changes then the society at large will change.

· Role of World bodies

The United Nations should spearhead in promoting the drive to make transportation go green given the fact that they are well organized and that their voice is usually met with little if any resistance.