Car Shipping Services and Costs Involved

Auto transport comes with its own peculiar benefits. The firm makes multiple arrangements of getting the car shipped.

It does not require one to drive the car to the far flung area where you actually want your car to reach.

And based on this fact a considerable amount of fuel expenses and money can be saved by you through the hired auto transport agency.

However the shipment of various vehicles depend upon numerous factors that involves in the vehicle type, number of vehicles and the shipment option that one choose from.

It is not just one simple rate for shipping a car but they come in various varieties depending upon the level of service it has to offer to the clients.

When getting the service you carefully learn how to ship a car overseas and also the costs involved.

The basic criterions on which the car shipping rates differ are marked as follows in the increasing order of their rates-

Economic transportation- this type of transportation and shipment takes the lowest fees for doing the job because this works on the priority basis.

The vehicles under this banner are considered to be of the lowest priority and hence are shipped on the basis of availability of space.

The vehicles can be shipped in days or weeks depending upon the space available. People with multiple cars or more than one car can opt for this option by getting one car shipped under other package while the other under economy to save money.

Open transport- this is the most common method where the car is shipped in an open platform just like the way new cars are delivered to the dealers. It is a coast to coast delivery and one needs to drop the car at the coast of the source and pick up from the delivery coast.

Enclosed delivery- the vehicles are transported in a closed truck and ship and hence has high charges. It is also a coast to coast transportation.

Full service transportation- it has the highest car shipping rates as the cars are picked up on dropped door to door and the pickup and delivery dates are fixed and guaranteed.

In case the company fails to match up the delivery date and gets delayed then they rebate the everyday cost of a rented car.