Few Facts about the CBT Program and Motorcycle Training

Motorcycle training is also known as compulsory basic training and is provided with an aim to reduce moped and motorcycle accidents. Compulsory basic training, commonly known as CBT has been present for a period of more than twenty years. This training is specifically imparted to inexperienced, young riders who face a bigger risk of road accidents.

English: Taken from the back of a motorcycle, ...
English: Taken from the back of a motorcycle, this illustrates how popular the motorcycle is as a form of transportation in Vietnam. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The most important aspect about this training for incumbents to realize is that it is a compulsory training to be acquired any anyone riding a bike on the public roads. Someone who has purchased a new motorcycle will have to undergo the complete CBT training if he or she wishes to be granted legal access to the public roads as well as the highways. Under the compulsory basic training, motorcycles as well as mopeds are covered.

The CBT course needs to be successfully completed by the incumbent. Once the training is completed, the participant will be granted the license only for those mopeds and motorcycles that are 50cc or less and which feature a 50 mile per hour top speed.

CBT training is required even if you possess a car driving license. Your car license is not the right document to prove that you are eligible to ride a moped or a motorcycle. If you have acquired your car driving license after 1st February, 2001 then it is compulsory by the law to acquire the CBT if you wish to legally ride a moped or a motorcycle on the roads.

Once you start with your CBT, you will come across various elements and aspects of the training. In the beginning, you will be taught different basics of motorcycle riding like handlebar controls, foot controls, basic machine checking and also reading the instrument panel correctly. Once you are through with these, you will be taught basic bike riding, which includes changing gears and managing the clutch control. As a part of the CBT training, you will also learn reading rear and indicating observations, U-turns, junctions and braking.

When you are undergoing CBT, you will also be required to clear the theory CBT test. It is not just practical learning but you need to read and understand a lot of theory related to motorcycle riding. You will be acquainted with the Highway Code apart from awareness teaching and plenty of riding advice shared with you. The CBT is a comprehensive training program that ensures you have thorough knowledge of motorcycle and moped riding and prepares you for uneven roads as well as rough weather conditions.