Finding Car Detailing in Surrey

What sets us apart from other Car detailing services in Surrey is our unique AirLife vehicle purification service. AirLife is a unique vehicle purification process offered by Perfect Valet Limited which makes your environment cleaner, free from bacteria and odours and safer for your family and other passengers. It will make the entire inside of your vehicle not only feel brand new but will physically make the vehicle safer for others. If you are prone to having allergic reactions then AirLife can be a way you can purify your vehicle and make it an allergen free zone.

Car detailing

Research has shown that your steering-wheel can harbour nine times more germs than the average public toilet seat. Airlife is guaranteed to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and odours and, because no chemicals are used in the process, there is little to no risk of contamination. We use only ionised Oxygen technology to breathe new life into your vehicle.

We also offer this other car detailing services:

  • Paint Protection Packages
  • Mobile Valeting
  • Plastic Bumper / Wing Mirror Repair
  • Alloy Wheel Refurbishment
  • Full Body Restoration
  • Local/Smart Repairs
  • Mechanical Repairs Including MOT Work
  • Storage – From Cars to Shipping Containers

If you want more information on any one of the services we offer contact us on 01932 353177 where we are more than happy to answer any inquiries.