Highlights Of Tesla Model S For Customers

Cars are always appreciated because they give the feeling of luxury and they allow you to feel comfort in traveling as well. There are so many things that makes Tesla model S special for buyers. If you are interested in a perfect car then you need to give it a try. You can try a test drive of this car to get exact feeling of driving it in your travel.

This is a car with great performance and comfort. It will offer you all in one. Additionally, it comes with the safety features that enable you to feel secure and stay protected with the advanced technology.

It has Adaptive Lighting that allows you to get wide lightning coverage. It will allow you to see clearly the road ahead so that you can drive safely and comfortable no matter what the time is. You will never feel the lack of light in your way because these lights will be just enough for you to get perfect driving experience all the time.

Additionally, there is a Bio-Weapon Defense Mode that is capable of removing 99.97% pollution of particulate exhaust. It makes the air fresh and healthy to breath for the people who are driving in it.

Tesla model S also comes with Self-Driving Hardware which allows you to drive safe even when you are not paying attention to the road. The self-driving hardware will allow you to enjoy highly capable feature of self-driving capability of this car. It is fact that this capability of Tesla model is one of the best and its self-driving feature is sometimes even more efficient than human driving.

So, what are you waiting for? There are so many other features to explore. So, just search about it online and find out everything about this car before you make your mind to purchase it! In case if you want to get $1000 discount when you book your favorite Tesla, you can check here at http://ts.la/robert7701. You will simply love the offer over here.