Hybrid Cars: Better Replacement for Conventional Cars

There are many reasons why hybrid cars can be a better alternative to the conventional cars and that is perhaps why hybrid cars are fast becoming popular in the automotive industry. The main advantage of the hybrid car is lesser consumption of fuel and lesser emission of carbon dioxide, which makes these cars eco-friendly.

The main difference between a hybrid car and a regular car is the engine function. While the regular cars which operate on gasoline or diesel fed engines, the hybrid cars operate on gasoline or diesel engines along with the combination with an electric motor. This helps to deliver more speed while saving fuel cost and in enhancing the life span.

Moreover hybrid cars are more efficient on the road whatever may be the driving conditions on the road and work on computerized controls that help to help to perform many complex tasks, like maintain the battery charge through a regenerative brake system.

Other advantages that a hybrid car offer include, auto stop engine when at traffic signals, although the modern cars that are powered by gasoline are designed with an internal combustion engine, an automatic or standard transmission, a carburetor, an alternator, fuel-injection system, a crankshaft, spark plugs and a battery.

Most hybrid cars give a high fuel economy when powered by the electric motor, when fuel consumption is zero, as compared with the cars powered by gas. Because of the absence of the regenerative brake system, the regular cars have less fuel efficiency, especially at the time of applying the brakes or during acceleration.

Tailpipe emission is also important criteria that make the hybrid cars have more advantage over the conventional ones. Emissions are practically nil in hybrid cars when running on the electric motor, as compared to their regular counterparts.

When it comes to the price tag hybrid cars no doubt cost a few thousand dollars more, but with the period of time during their life span, the difference in price is negated by the savings on fuel and high performance especially for the sports cars which definitely provide a great advantage on the track over the regular sports vehicles. Time has come to switch over to hybrid cars.

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