Infiniti Car – Branded Luxury In Motion

The Infiniti car was introduced in Japan and adopted in the US as a luxury brand. With operations spread over in 15 countries, the car has managed to win some accolades for some of their models. Since then they never looked back. Infiniti became a strong contender in the market, especially in the luxury segment with a consistent rise in sales every year.

2002 Infiniti Q45
2002 Infiniti Q45 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With sales almost quadrupling in the last decade, the premium car brand manufacturer has rolled out some amazing luxury brands balking on the success, including cars like the Q45, the M30 and the new comer in the market G20.

Infiniti Car model features

According to Nissan platforms, the sedans, coupes and the convertibles have eyeballs rolling into the market. Being an exceptional group of performers, the brand has consistently managed to manufacture cars that are not only sleek, but also provides superb features like the accelerator, handling and brake features.

The engines in the Infiniti cars are placed just behind the front wheels, that allows an even distribution of weight. The Infiniti car uses VVEL technology for exhilarating power. They have the most horsepower in the class of its own.

Looking for an Infiniti? – Visit their website

If you are planning on buying an Infiniti car, check in advance. The website of Infiniti has a range and brand of cars that can help you decide. The website can also help you find the best dealers in town. Find more than just cars.

There is information regarding cars and car characteristics and various car features. Use the zip code locator on their website to know where to go. Look out for special offers on the website.