Nissan Primaster Gearbox Where Driving Performance Is At Par

There is no doubt that Nissan is one of the established brands and moving ahead of the competition with its innovative car models. Now discover all the benefits of the Nissan commercial vehicle range with its new Nissan Primaster gearbox.  Be it is consumption, detailing, or performance the designing is done by the Renualt’s engineering team. The present Nissan Primaster gearbox is the result of the joint venture of French Renault, Japanese Nissan and German Opel.

Nissan Primastar gearbox

This new addition represents a genuine shift from traditional automatic gearboxes by providing quality performance and sturdiness with significant benefits of controlled fuel consumption and emission along with great improved performance.

The setup instantly adapts to the driver’s demand by selecting the gear. It delivers the right amount of the power that is instantly required and let the driver to recover the control of the gear changes on the demand.

Apart from this, it comes with an optimized function that provides better fluidity especially while sitting in the traffic jams and during maneuvers like parking and assuring hill start support that prevents the car from rolling backwards.

The Nissan Primaster gearbox is a competition styled telemetry system that provides essential performance that help drivers to hone their driving skills.

The Choice Of The Technology

  • The six speed dual clutch automatic gearbox led to:
  • Minimal fuel consumption
  • The utilization of the dual clutch combined with electric actuators

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