Rides Redefined By Audi Multitronic Gearbox

Audi is a well known and reputed car brand all over the world. Audi Multitronic Gearbox was launched in the later part of the year of 1999 by the joint collaboration of Audi with a renowned Germany based automotive manufacturer.

If you want fuel efficiency combined with the use of seamless and smooth transmission response and the ease of convenience of an automatic, this stepless automatic transmission is the absolute choice for you.

Audi A4 B8 Avant
Audi A4 B8 Avant (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The automatic controlled power application system, speed-changing gears along with the propeller shaft which transmits the power to a live axle from the engine combined with stepless performance create a performance for your mean machine, you have always desired.


Audi Multitronic Gearbox has been manufactured based on continuous velocity transmission or CVT principles.

This mechanism offers you with the advantage of a continuous variation of the ratio between the input and output shaft within a pre-determined given range of momentum. This range gives you the infinite possibilities of achievable ratios.

The link-plate chain drive combined with the initial six and subsequent seven parts of the multi plate clutch which runs on the mechanism of oil-cooling gives you the brand new continuous velocity transmission technique.

The complex electronics in this new technique allows you to forget the shortcomings you have earlier experienced while using the traditional continuous velocity transmission mechanism.

Functional Aspect

Audi Multitronic Gearbox offers you with the performance you have always wanted. The smoothness, speed, seamless acceleration techniques makes you want to be on the road more often than not. The performance analysis based on the application of adaptive map control and the continuous variable ratios lets you achieve the optimum engine speed.

You do not have to think of the continuous inflation of energy levels in world economy because this machine gives you the freedom to use it at its operating optimum which subsequently reduces fuel consumption effectively.

Performance Gearboxes and Reliability

Audi Multitronic Gearbox lets you enjoy the performance and economy, equivalent to if not better than, the manual gearboxes which employ the five-speed technique. The performance is definitely way better than the traditional automatic transmissions. However, multitronic is only offered on front wheel drives.

It is incompatible with the Quattro drive system which employs four-wheel mechanism. However, a point of concern is its reliability, especially in the models manufactured before the year 2006.

Inconsistencies in performance might just set you at the risk of experiencing minor glitches and mechanical difficulties. However, these are nominal as compared to the desired performance.

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