Should You Opt for Car Shipping With Individual Drivers

Most of the time when people search for a car shipping service provider, they get in contact with the broker or agents who tends to work under various car shipping companies.

Most of the brokers are associated with more than one car shipping companies and hence they quote different rates for the customers as per the customer’s budget and requirements.

But one needs to understand that when there is a middle party involved in any transaction, a portion of the money involved in it is taken by the middle man or the broker.

Hence, the cost is somewhat more in such cases. In order to get a car transported and shipped in a relatively low cost, one can opt for car shipping without brokers.

There are individual drivers that own trucks and perform the task of transporting vehicles from one coast to the other. Since there is no third party or a broker involved, it is the driver who himself quotes the amount and hence they work on a relatively low cost as compared to the car shipping services with brokers.

Though the cost in car shipping without brokers is low that seems to be an advantage, the options are really less. Finding out the most suitable driver with a favorable truck closed or open and confirming their license is a tough job to be done.

Also, one would need to find two different drivers for the two coasts, one for the pickup in the source coast and other for the delivery on the destination coast.

One can always compare the charges of car shipping Canada with brokers and car shipping without brokers and then compare them on the basis of cost, options, integrity, license and the services being provided and then decided which one would suit the best for the car shipping process.