What is Car Detailing?

The term “car detailing” can be quite a generic one. Many companies are using it to mean that they polish or valet cars but in fact it is a wide variety of skilled techniques using a huge range of products to get excellent results. Many valeters can get a car clean and even use a polisher on it to achieve a shine and remove a few minor marks but this cannot be classed as car detailing.

Car Detailing

A professional Car detailing company can really improve the appearance of your car, but detailing is not just all about appearance. A thorough detailing will leave almost every surface of the car improved, both outside and in. The paint will be glossy and slick with minor marks removed, the rubber will be UV protected and the leather beautifully cleaned and conditioned.

The paint will actually be rejuvenated, will look better for longer and reduce fading. Dirt won’t stick so easily so cleaning can be less frequent and any contaminants are removed from surfaces to reduce the potential for future damage. Professional car detailers can also advise on any potential future issues and how to avoid them.

A car detailing company will have the knowledge and technical understanding of every aspect of a cars finish, both inside and out. They will know how to get the best from your car in terms of aesthetics, while helping to solve any issues related to surfaces, even if these haven’t shown themselves to be problems yet.

They will have the best state of the art equipment and products to use on a car, reducing the risk of accidental damage during the process, and as they focus on what they are best at car detailers can spend anywhere between 1 and 3 days to properly detail a car (although they should be focussed on the result achieved and not the time taken). A good car detailing company should also provide an aftercare service too to make sure that not only does the finish look great but it stays that way too.

The aim of a good car detailing company should be to achieve as far as possible a showroom condition or better. They should use a series of well ordered and tried and tested procedures to achieve this, such as machine polishing, leather conditioning, glass polishing and paintwork cleansing. None of these in isolation could really be classed as “detailing” but these are some of the methods a professional detailing company should be using together. Car detailing is simply the systematic protection and rejuvenation of all the cars surfaces but done in conjunction with the best equipment, methods and products.

In order to make sure a car has such as high standard of finish both in and out it if definitely worth seeking a specialist car detailing company to discuss with them how to make your car look the best it can.