Your Guide to Kick Start a Car Battery

Roadside help services are a remarkable convenience for all drivers. Roadside assistance render facilities like dead batteries, flat tires, fuel help, overheating of the engine and more. But you simply can’t get it in every corner of the world. So, when your vehicle runs out of juice, then all you need is a new battery to restart your vehicle on your own. Thus, owning a battery to jump start a dead car battery can crank your instantly.


Car batteries last for 3 to 5 years, depending the model and make of the vehicle. They run on battery fluid which eventually runs out, leading to the dead battery. Other reasons causing a battery to die include extreme temperature, leaving the lights open for a large period of time etc.

How can you crank a car battery?

Well, all you need is Optima Red Top batteries which are designed to be used for the purpose of engine starting where it serves as an alternator. It instantly measures the state of charge of the battery and offers the required energy to the battery whenever it is required.

Red top batteries are specifically crafted to render high current during small period of time, usually lasting from few seconds to 20 or may be 30 seconds. They aren’t designed for any cycling application o and the intense discharge cycling purpose can lower its operating life considerably.

If you are an ardent music lover and you play it for short period of time (say 20 minutes) even when the engine isn’t working, then Optima Red Top batteries are capable of handling such load. If you love to hear loud music, when your engine isn’t functioning, then go for Yellow Top batteries.

So, matter where you are, the Red Top is your best support to crank your car batteries!