Airbag Light Reset

An airbag module is like the control center of your cars Supplemental Restraint System, also known as the SRS. It uses sensors in your vehicle to determine if the airbags need to deploy or if the seatbelts are enough to protect the individual(s).

There are a few reasons as to why the airbag light may be lit. One common issue can lie with your seat belts not working the way they should be. Another issue could be potential water damage to the SRS sensors. This can result in the module not being able to do its job.

The SRS light can also light up if the vehicle has been in an accident recently or the seat belts getting jerked. If the seat belt gets jerked, the airbag module triggers the seat belt to tighten and lock.

The airbags do not need to get deployed in this case. In the event of an accident, the module determines that both the seat belts as well as the airbags need to get activated in order to keep the individual safe.  If your airbags have deployed you will need to get an Airbag light reset or repair service.

A dealer may tell you that you need to get a new airbag module, which can cost you as much as $1,000 dollars but this is not always necessary. If you decide to get a new or used air bag module, it will need to be re-programmed to your vehicles VIN which is an additional cost and delays how you getting back on the road.

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Ensure that you, along with those driving in your vehicle are fully protected in the event something happens on the road.