Cylinder Head Gasket Leak Symptoms

Have the exact vehicle you are required to pay attention to the circumstances this was done to provide comfort and safety when you drive it. Not only that, you also need to know related to the symptoms of damage that may occur and how to repair the damage? One of which you should know that cylinder head gasket leak symptoms, and how to fix it?


Cyilinder head gasket is an important part of the machine. There are three parts of the cylinder head, head gasket and engine block. Cylinder head cover is one component boring in the cylinder block that serves as the home of the valve which is attached plugs as the furnace and the installation of the inlet and exhaust.

On a machine that uses a liquid cooling system or a water system were in the cooling channels around the bore and connect to cylinder head. Hence the leakage or damage to the cylinder head gasket can be bad.

And based on information from trusted car repair & maintenance site, There is no way to see the symptoms of the cylinder gasket is damaged or leaking, the first symptoms are temperature car will rise above normal. Radiator coolant or water is reduced or depleted. This results radiator overflow water and can also lead to broken coolant channel.

As for how to check the cylinder head gasket damage, and the things that may indicate damage. In general this can be seen in the water radiator when the engine is turned on. There are a number of characteristics in case of leakage in the cylinder gasket head, including:

  1. Visual inspection

The first, for visual inspection can be done by turning the engine until the engine working temperature or until the thermostat opens to position the radiator cap in an open, pay attention to the water in the radiator will be visible air bubbles continuously. This occurs because of a leak at the gasket between the cylinders with a water jacket, when in this condition if the leak is too big when the gas engine will spout water from the radiator to the top.

The next step is to check the radiator water if it shows signs of oil on the water radiator means there is a leak between oil and water channels. When checking the oil change color, it’s also an indication of a leak in the gasket.

  1. Use a tool or a radiator tester

When using radiator tester when there is a leak in the cylinder gasket head, radiator pumped up the pressure on the leak tester scale up to 157 KPa or 1,5 Kg/cm sq or 23 psi, then there is no leak is seen visually in the form of water droplets. However, the number or scale contained in the radiator tester will look down slowly indicating a leak this depends to what level of leaks in gaskets.

  1. Using compression teste

During examination engine compression pressure with compression tester will look less compression pressure in the cylinder contained gasket leaks in the cylinder head in the other appeal.