Knowing About Israel Figa

Israel Figa was born in the year 1971 and has been brought up in two different countries. He completed his master’s degree in economics from Corvinus university of Budapest and also took up international studies. After completing his master’s in economics, Israel Figa landed up with a job in a prominent bank and served them for a couple of years.

business manager

In order to enhance his professional growth and to satisfy his urge of trying his hands on various aspects, he kept moving from firm to firm in order to get a change in designation and experience each and every working position.

Israel Figa was interested in getting in terms with the oil companies as he was bothered about the air pollution that was affected by the release of various poisonous gases released by these industries. Hence, along with working with banks he started getting in terms with the owners of the oil company and soon became a part of it.

He then tried his hands on the trading industry and soon became the CEO of 24/7 trade company. 24/7 trade company then reached a new hike and became the largest trading company in the united kingdom and USA as Israel Figa gave new rays of progress to the company.

The promise of the 24/7 trade company is to ship goods in less than 72 hours when it comes to international export and less than 24 hours when the goods to be shipped is in domestic ports. This way he became the pioneer of the largest trading company.