Reading Motorists Amongst The Most Dangerous In The UK Say Cyclists

Reading’s cyclists have pointed to dangerous roads, poor driving and bike thefts for putting people off cycling in the town, according to a consultation by Reading Borough Council.

 Motorists also had their say as they were concerned by cyclists ignoring red lights, cycling on pavements and disrespectful behaviour. The council’s environment, planning and transport committee have discussed the problems with transport leader councillor Tony Page saying that it was restricted because of the town’s narrow roads.

Reading Motorists

 Mr Page commented “We have to balance the interests of all road users and I particularly draw colleagues attention to figures which indicate the huge reliance on buses for journeys into the town centre. At the moment, cyclists only constitute three per cent and even if you double that it’s still only six per cent. The dominant and most popular mode of transport is our public transport”.

 Reading is one of the most congested and busiest towns in the UK. Walking at the moment accounts for most trips to the town centre, with 30 per cent, buses at 25 per cent, followed by cars at 22 per cent, rail at 20 per cent and then cycling. Taxi companies are also popular, as they can be a more comfortable and convenient way of getting around.

 The council aims to double the amount of people cycling to work through a number of methods such as launching the Reading cycle hire scheme, creating an additional 500 cycle parking spaces, upgrading street lighting and continuing to reallocate road spaces for cycles.

Despite the concerns according to Department of Transport statistics, the number of people killed or injured while cycling on Reading’s roads has fallen by more than half.

The statistics show that serious injuries fell from 18 in 2011 to eight in 2012, with no fatalities.

Ann AA survey found 9-10 drivers found it difficult to see cyclists and more than half were surprised to one appear from nowhere. However more than half of the survey said that cyclists were inconsiderate road users or admitted to carrying a negative perception of cyclists.

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