The Dead Sea: A must to visit place for all

Call it by the name “Dead Sea’ or “Sea of Salt” or “Sea of Solitude”, this place should not be left out of the itinerary of those who want to have a fun time on the beaches, explore the natural beauty and find an ideal place for pilgrimage.

Being the lowest elevation in the world, The Dead Sea is bordered by West Bank, Israel, and Jordan, making it politically strategic. Although animals and aquatic life cannot exist due to the high salinity in the water, this place has natural beauty in abundance and historical remains to be explored.

The geological location provides enough enthusiasm to hikers to have unforgettable moments in their adventure, and those attracted to religious places can find the Qumran and the monasteries located on the cliff walls.

According to Israel news Mount Nebo is yet another must-visit place, where Moses set his foot on the Promised Land, and when at Gedi, you can relive the thoughts of David hiding from King Saul. A multitude of waterfalls and pools along with quite a few nature reserves make The Dead Sea no doubt an ideal destination for tourists.

There are the beaches like the En Gedi Beach, Ein Boqeq Beach, and many small beaches where exciting activities can be witnessed. Bicycle, jeep, and camel tours are some of the popular activities here, and those loving art and culture can spend precious time at the artist’s studios and art galleries.

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The holy land tour has flourished here, with hotels, restaurants, and other tourism activities drawing millions of tourists from all over the world each year.

Mineral hot springs can be found at places, and the spectacular trails offer hiking enthusiasts a treat to experience. Sacred buildings owned by the Jewish, archeological sites, Jewish temples, and the picturesque mountain sceneries make The Dead Sea one of the most visited places in the world.